MAN O MAN, Mish Grigor, Presented by Vitalstatistix, 14 November

14 November

MAN O MAN, Mish Grigor, Presented by Vitalstatistix– READ MORE

Man O Man is a new residency-made live art work by NSW-based performance maker Mish Grigor. Sitting at the crossroads of performance, artist talk, installation and public meeting, Man O Man starts from the provocation: what would we say, formally, on the last night of patriarchy?

Over the course of a month a team of women write speeches, together and alone. These speeches form a series of imagined futures, with multiple feminisms and disparate ideas. At the conclusion of their time together a town hall meeting is held. Perhaps it is The Last Night of the World as We Know It. The Arnott’s biscuits are laid out, the urn is turned on. A speaker steps towards the lectern and the conversation begins.

Man O Man is a musing on feminism, the performance of gender and the act of conjuring the future through text and speech. Please join us for the formalities.
Vitalstatistix Theatre Company.
7pm Friday 14 November
Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide