Ordinary Escapes and Other Magic, SASA Gallery, 2013

Ordinary Escapes and Other Magic
Celeste Juliet Aldahn & Ray Harris
SASA Gallery
2 April – 10 May 2013

READ: Ordinary Escapes and Other Magic, Tegan Hale

“Aldahn creates kitsch-inspired vanity objects with roots in folkloric traditions and naïve art. Her small scale pencil sketches on lined paper seem like personal daydreams torn from a diary or exercise book. The body of work (which includes numerous glitter encrusted handmade wands) establishes an aesthetic which could bedescribed as childhood play meets ‘the Frankie effect’. Throughout her practice the obsessive collection andarrangement of objects simulates both shrine and altar. The cumulative effect of chintzy wands, crystals and other paraphernalia around the gallery result in an association with a pagan ceremonial circle, a space where positive energies andare generated and negative energies blocked. Aldahn is an anti-heroine, contesting the bombasticmale heroes of modern art. She is the anti-Judd.”