(The Exhibition Formerly Known as) ASPY KIDS, The AEAF, 2014

(The Exhibition Formerly Known as) ASPY KIDS
The Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF)
11 April – 17 May 2014

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Group show featuring: Celeste Aldahn (SA), David Capra (NSW), Sarah crowEST (Vic), Robin Hungerford (NSW), Amanda Marburg (Vic), Tom Polo (NSW), Patrick Rees (SA/USA), Mish Meijers + Tricky Walsh (Tas) and What (NSW)

Taking its original title from a painting by Amanda Marburg, that spells out ‘aspy kid’ as a watercolour that reproduces letters modelled in play dough, Aspy Kids examines tendencies in a new generation of artists to explore the formless, irrational, the messy, juvenile, sometimes even the naughty, and puerile.